In Chinatown, in New York, there was a game arcade in which there was a glass booth with a live hen, a fake juke-box, a feeder and a turning platform. The viewer put money in a slot, the hen received a signal, went to the juke-box, pecked at it. The music started, the hen got on the platform and danced. At the end of the song, corn grains fell in the feeder and the hen ate and then went back to her corner. Humans had a great time watching the "intelligent" hen.

I am inside the tent dressed as a monkey with a pink tutu.

When the music starts, the light turns on and I get up and waltz to the sound of music for the viewers' pleasure. When the music finishes, I stop, bow, sit and relax in the dark. There is a little bench, sawdust and a mountain of peanuts. The light turns on again, I get up, the music starts and I dance. This goes on and on  (10 hours in  Rome).

But you had to be there.

This version was done inside a real peep show in Galerja Racka – Center for Contemporary Arts, Celje, Slovenia in 2007