Myriam Laplante is a Canadian artist born in Bangladesh, now based in Bevagna, Italy. 

She lives in a state of permanent doubt. Her work is a parody of the world, cynical and absurd, melancholic and disorienting, that often emanates from a bizarre and fantastic imagery.

She works in performance, installation, video, painting, sculpture, drawings, etc. If an image is still and from something that could already exist, it becomes a photograph. If it needs a different shape, it's a painting or a drawing. If it can't be flat, it's a sculpture. If it has to move it's a performance, if it has to move and defy the laws of nature and gravity, it's a video. If it can't decide, it's an installation, usually with performance.

Her works have been presented extensively from squats to museums in Europe, North America, and Asia. She has been working with the performance collective Black Market International since 2001.