This performance comes from the Grimm brothers’ tale “The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids”.  The installation is built during a 1 hour performance in which the artist saves some mechanical rabbits from 3 big sleeping wolves’ stomachs, and then builds an awkwardly furnished living room with a table made of the wolves’ bones, a rug made of the wolves’ skin, a pouf-chair made of dead rabbits (killed after saving them). After the performance, a TV monitor is set on the table with a 10 minute video of the performance.The spectators sitting on the poof-chair and watching the TV start to realize, after a while, that they are watching a scene of carnage and are sitting on the result of this massacre, which makes them accomplice of the crime. A series of drawings accompanies the performance.

But you had to be there

This installation-performance has been presented at the Annina Nosei Gallery, Moderna Galerija in Ljubljana and the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome. The installation was presented at Volume! in Rome.

The video was shot at the Annina Nosei Gallery.