A table with a video projected on a long white table-cloth. The images start with hurricane Katrina, other natural disasters, then accidents, mad-made disasters and war images, finishing with “intelligent bombs” and the atom bomb. I enter with a cone-head and a doctor’s bag. Take out a plate, a packaged crème-caramel, put it on the plate, gulp it down, lick the plate until it falls on the floor in front of the table, breaking to pieces. Changing characters, I drink a cup of tea, then a glass of vodka, breaking the cup, glass etc… I break the dishes into small pieces with a hammer. I appear again with the cone-head, put on a surgical mask, make a paper funnel, open my cone-head with a surgical knife, put all the glass shards inside my head, close it with band-aids and walk away.

Again, the power-dealers hide the evidence of war and political crimes.

But you had to be there.

photos Eliza Drzalowska,